Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

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Twenty years into her marriage, Kat and her husband faced head-on the great underlying fear of most monogamous people: My partner wants to have sex with other people. For them, that truth led to a rollercoaster of new sexual and romantic adventures...

Polyamory, Open Relationships & Swinging

Podcast Episode 17: Butt Stuff
December 7 | "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark

What’s the appeal and the fascination? In our lifetime, it’s gone from being a secret perversion to borderline mainstream.

The More The Merrier (Until It's Not)
December 1 | Kat Stark

You may find yourself liking and/or loving those things too, metamours turn into paramours, and you may settle into some polyam smugness about how great you are all are at this non-monogamy thing.

Podcast Episode 16: Sex Toys
November 2 | "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark

We on the Wet Coast are huge fans of sex toys. We have a large collection and use them regularly both in solo play and with our partners.

But We Scheduled This Months Ago
November 2 | Kat Stark

You've all gotten together after much planning and discussions of fantasies you all want fulfilled but when you get to the moment, people aren't always up for it and it's important to know that it's okay to opt-out.

The Lonely Pervert
October 19 | Kat Stark

Breaching the walls of decorum and what we 'should' talk about is one of my favourite things and I revel in the friendships that include that element.

Podcast Episode 15: Getting Things Started
October 6 | "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark

Getting things started is not always easy. Putting yourself out there with your romantic or sexy interest. Asking for that first kiss. Or even knowing how to flip that switch from social time to sexytime in a dating scenario.

The rules for Strip High/Low
October 6 | Kat Stark

The basic rules for a simple, sexy game that can be played with any number of people on a sexy date.

Podcast Episode 14: Pulling Back
September 8 | "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark

There are times when we're out there dating a ton and boning all the sexy people. Yet there are other times when we need to pull back for a myriad of reasons, when time or energy are at a premium, and we need to do less.

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