Polyamory, Open Relationships & Swinging

Sex with Sex Geeks May Have Ruined Me for Sex with Muggles
June 1 | Kat Stark

All the talking might not be everyone's bag but for me, I feel the excitement of getting cheat codes that will help me take my partner to the upper pleasure levels.

Podcast Episode 11: Sexy Vacations w Cooper Beckett
May 25 | Kat Stark & Serious Flick

Going to different cities and countries is always amazing, but going to different places and having sex with people: that takes the amazing factor up to a whole new level.

A Slut By Any Other Name
May 18 | Kat Stark

Would people still take us seriously? What if we're trying to run in serious polyamory circles that frown on casual sex? As much as I want to fully embrace my sexy slut self, I still have some serious discomfort around the word.

Disconnected: When Your Partner Travels With Another
May 3 | Kat Stark

As I watched Flick pack the afternoon before he left, I started to feel the pangs as it really hit me that he was going on this adventure without me. It felt really weird that he was going to be having big new experiences on this trip with someone else.

Podcast Episode 10: Female Relationships Part Two
April 21 | Kat Stark

Kat & guest Dawn Ardent examine our experiences of public bisexuality through exhibitionism, supporting those more marginalized than us in the new political climate, and the pros and cons of doing the emotional labour in our complex array of relationships.

Squirting 101
April 20 | Kat Stark

It is likely just a case of stimulating the right tissues the right way, but all our anatomy varies slightly, so it may not happen for every person with a vagina. It doesn't mean your vag (or your partner's) is flawed because it doesn't squirt. Your vag is amazing!

Satisfyer Pro 2, Pro Penguin & Pro Deluxe
April 15 | Kat Stark

I am such a fan of sharing the toys I love and something that depends on suction can't really work with condoms or saran wrap barriers, so being able to sterilize the ring between partners is a huge plus in my book.

Podcast Episode 9: Female Relationships Part One
April 6 | Kat Stark

Women have been taught to compete & struggle against even our closest female friends so how can we connect when there are people we love openly together? And how does it work when we're into each other too?

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