Kat Stark Slut

Kat is a sex-positive, geeky, Canadian, queer, pansexual, deviant, slutty, feminist pervert who came to ethical non-monogamy 21-years into her relationship with her husband. After a quick toe-dip to test the waters (and hours of obsessive reading and podcast consumption), they dove in and she almost can't imagine they ever lived any other way. Labels never give a totally clear picture, but she considers herself non-monogamous and polyamorous, though she occasionally swings. She's also a podcaster and audiobook narrator.

Her writing is regularly featured on Life On The Swingset and YourTango

"Serious" Flick Morrison Super Villain

Gamer, geek, and resident know-it-all. Despite his irrational aversion to labels and jargon, exploring polyamory and open relationships has created self-expression and authenticity that spills over into all areas of his life. #alwayspervin

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