Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

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Twenty years into her marriage, Kat and her husband faced head-on the great underlying fear of most monogamous people: My partner wants to have sex with other people. For them, that truth led to a rollercoaster of new sexual and romantic adventures...


Podcast Episode 17: Butt Stuff

December 7 | with "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark | Podcasts

What’s the appeal and the fascination? In our lifetime, it’s gone from being a secret perversion to borderline mainstream.

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Pure Wand by njoy

December 11, 2016 | with Kat Stark | Reviews

It's a toy I recommend to almost anyone who is wanting to discover g-spot orgasms themselves, with the caveat to be prepared for potential wetness. The cold weight is intimidating at first but the smooth curve is so inviting.

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Pegging: Not Just The Tips

May 15, 2016 | by Kat Stark | Blog

Fast forward approximately 17 years and I was finally able to take that optimistically & prematurely purchased harness for a spin, first with a few women, but eventually for its intended deviant purpose. Woo hoo!

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